Basic Google Voice Account
Pricing Tables

Here is a pricing plan for basic buy Google Voice account online. If you need any custom Google Voice account just feel free to Contact Us!

1 Google Voice


  • Fresh Account
  • Phone Verified
  • Faster Delivery
  • 1day Replacement
  • Customer Support
5 Google Voice


  • Fresh Account
  • Phone Verified
  • Faster Delivery
  • 1day Replacement
  • Customer Support
10 Google Voice


  • Fresh Account
  • Phone Verified
  • Faster Delivery
  • 1day Replacement
  • Customer Support
20 Google Voice


  • Fresh Account
  • Phone Verified
  • Faster Delivery
  • 1day Replacement
  • Customer Support
50 Google Voice


  • Fresh Account
  • Phone Verified
  • Faster Delivery
  • 1day Replacement
  • Customer Support
100 Google Voice


  • Fresh Account
  • Phone Verified
  • Faster Delivery
  • 1day Replacement
  • Customer Support

Domain/Web Google Voice Number Pricing Tables

This is a pricing plan for Domain Web Google Voice Number. Also if you need a custom Google Voice account, feel free to contact us. We will create a google voice account USA, Nigeria, China, and worldwide for you at the lowest cost and it will be 100% guaranteed.

25 Domain/Web Google Voices


  • Fresh Account
  • Phone Verified
  • Faster Delivery
  • 1day Replacement
  • Customer Support
50 Domain/Web Google Voices


  • Fresh Account
  • Phone Verified
  • Faster Delivery
  • 1day Replacement
  • Customer Support
100 Domain/Web Google Voices


  • Fresh Account
  • Phone Verified
  • Faster Delivery
  • 1day Replacement
  • Customer Support

Buy Google Voice Account

Google Voice introduces a new type of contact system with Google Voice number. Suppose you use two or more phone numbers for many purposes, so you have to carry them everywhere despite feeling disgusting; Buy Google Voice Account online is the best way to avoid these problems.

buy google voice account online


Buy Google Voice account online this is a great way for you. Nowadays, you have to use a phone number to call, text, or call with personal, family, or friends. To keep in touch with different clients or customers you need to use one or more mobiles for business activities, which sometimes becomes very uncomfortable. This Google Voice number is now playing an important role in making all the necessary communications in your personal or business life easier and more dynamic. There are now many google voice accounts USA, Nigeria, China, and worldwide for sale. Buy Google Voice PVA account and make your daily communication easier and more convenient.

What is a Google Voice Account?

Google Voice is a modern telephone service that provides a U.S. phone number to google account customers in the United States and google workspaces customers in Canada, France, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Call forwarding, voicemail services, and voice and text messaging are the main facilities of having a Google Voice Phone Number. Through the various web browsers, Google Voice Account USA does its job. You can answer a call and also can receive calls on any phone configured to ring in the web portal.

To do a call via Google Number Free, both the caller and the recipient must have a phone with a Google-provided configuration. Only users can configure and maintain the service via a web-based application, unlike in the system of Google’s email service Gmail, Android, and iOS applications on smartphones, tablets, or laptops.
Google Voice made some changes recently so that if you have an old Google Phone Number Free, then you can also buy a new google voice number. If you do not know how to buy Google Voice account USA, Nigeria, and China/number, read this article.

Features of Google Voice Accounts

A personal user or a business user can enjoy many benefits of Google Voice number. You already know what a Google Voice account is. A Google Voice account online gives users many features. Let’s know about some exciting and necessary features. You can get the full features just buy a Google Voice account online.
Using a Google Voice dial-up, you can record a phone call while it’s on. A call recording button lets you start and stop call recording. You can then listen to those recorded calls whenever you like. If you receive an unwanted call, you can simply interrupt the call and turn off your phone. This is a great service so buy Google Voice account online today.

The Extraordinary Ability of Call Handling

You can switch your phone number while calling, and you can also block unwanted calls. You will get a recording, SMS integration service, and a voicemail service when you are unavailable to attend a call.

Customized Ringing

The customized ringing system is an innovative feature of the Google Voice account. So, today buy Google Voice account and get this feature. Using this feature, you can set up some precise numbers to ring only at your phone number, and others will go directly to your voicemail.

Select Area Code as Needed

In business needs, you will often need to use the area code to suit your needs or to maintain a contract with your customers or clients in the area where you are working. Again the area code needs to be deleted, hidden, or changed. So buy Google Voice account this is the best solution for your needs.

Opportunities to Verify Your Social Media Accounts

Nowadays, no one is familiar with social media. We all know about the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, etc., and their maximum uses. A Google Voice Number buy will help you to verify your social media accounts. Not only on social media, but you can also verify Gmail, Amazon, PayPal, eBay, etc. You can use google voice pva accounts just like a phone number to any phone number verification service. So, buy Google voice account online it will make all your work easy and comfortable.

International Calling at Minimum Cost

Ordinary users from the United States and Canada can make a call inside both countries for free. But in the case of making calls or receiving calls from different countries of the world, Google Voice charges a minimal cost, which starts from 0.01 US dollars.

Various Modifications on Your Google Voice Number

For business purposes, you often need to use the area code to suit your needs or to maintain a contract with your customers or clients in the area where you are working. Again, if necessary, you must delete, hide or change the area code. You can get the right solution by buying a Google Voice account online.

Confidentiality and Security of Your Personal Information

You may have to deal with many different needs. But that is not to say that you will always like everyone. For personal or business purposes, you may not want to communicate with many people anymore or see their calls, in which case Google Voice gives you an unwanted call block system.
You can block all unsolicited calls if you do not want to. Also, in many cases, you want to keep in touch with someone but keep your original fall number or address secret. Google Voice will provide you with a unique virtual number that is definitely not your real personal phone number, and it will show or hide your address or area code as you wish.

Different Types of Google Voice Accounts

Usually, there are two different types of Google Voice Accounts. Accounts with personal numbers are called personal accounts, with Google offering free numbers with various limited features for personal use. A business account is basically an account with a wide range of facilities, from personal accounts to a more extensive range.
To understand you more broadly, I will now give you the details of your personal account and business account. Hopefully, through this discussion, you will get to know and understand very well about both Google Voice accounts. And you can also decide whether to Buy PVA Google Voice Account online for personal or google voice for business.

Google Voice Account for Personal Uses

Initially, Google introduced this VoIP system in 2009 with the feature of Google Voice for personal accounts or personal use. This Google Voice personal account does not incur any charge for users in the United States and Canada. This means that users in the United States and Canada can use this personal account at no cost. A Free Google Number for a personal account can be obtained by going to the official page of Google Voice and registering directly for free.

Buy Google Voice account online is very easy. When you use it as your personal account. You can get voice calls and forward them to linked numbers, and you can also make voicemail scripts. You also can download the mobile apps on Android & iPhone, or iPad. So why are you not Buying a Google Voice PVA Account or Buying a Google Voice Phone Number to enjoy the services?

Google Workspace Account (Managed)

Over time, the need for people has increased. The field of work has increased according to the need, so in line with all these things, Google Voice Account online has also launched a new type of Google Age Account facility, keeping in mind the business needs of the people. A business account will give you many facilities in one. Some of the current features of a business account are summarized below.

Your Google Workspace administrator manages your account, and all call bills will be linked to your organization together. A business account will allow you to communicate with more than ten users and more than 13 countries. You do not need to verify the account with another phone number. Can you run “Do not disturb” based on calendar working hours and can identify incoming Google Meet calls. And you also can use contacts from the corporate directory, including the facilities of auto attendants and ring groups. So buy a bulk google voice account online to enjoy these features.

Various Uses of Google Voice Accounts

Naturally, the question may come to your mind, why would you buy Google Voice account online or Number? Can you use a Google Voice Number for Free? To be honest, you can use a voice number in many ways. Stay tuned for a discussion on using a Bulk Google Voice number. There are various uses of Google voice accounts. You should know if you want to Buy a Google Voice Account with Paypal. Some specific Google accounts will provide a unique number to the customer or client who owns that account.

The essential benefit of this account is that you can forward calls and receive them, and all this will be free of cost. With the help of a free google number, switching mobile phones has become very suitable. If you want to stick to your old number, you have to register that number to the new Google voice account and enjoy all the facilities you get when you Buy Google Voice Number. You can Buy Bulk Google Voice Account online; through this, you can call your customers or friends and family and receive their calls if they Buy a Google Number. You will get unlimited messages for texting, and voicemail to send to your person. So it would be best for you to buy Google Voice account online. This will make your every move convenient.

Benefits You’ll Get Using Google Voice Account

A Google Voice account will give you so many benefits that are equal to or greater than your needs. While your pet dog provides many benefits, such as keeping you company, playing with you, collaborating on various tasks, being a companion to loneliness, and providing security, only a Google Voice account online will benefit you.
You usually used to use two or more mobile phones to call or text different people like friends and family or business clients or customers. You can do all the calls and messages with one number. A free Google number will give you benefits like voicemail sending, group ring call, auto-attendant, call recording, and voicemail recording.

You can use this Google service for free in 13 countries, including the United States and Canada, on special terms or with some limited features. You can use all Google Voice Accounts services globally at a meager cost. Google Voice will allow you to choose a free number of your choice, insert your area code as needed, delete or change it, register a new number despite having an old number, and keep your address and original phone number secret from others. You can buy Google Voice account Online or Number, and it might provide you with a limited feature if you Buy Google Voice account free for personal use. But if you Buy Google Voice PVA Accounts or Bulk Google Voice Accounts for business purposes, and if that is the paid version, it will provide you full features.

Average Cost for Buying Google Voice Account

One of the notable things about Google Voice is it is highly affordable. It’s an excellent free service to sign up for, and as long as you use it to make contact between your Google Voice number and other U.S. numbers, it’s free to make calls and send text messages. But, when you want to make calls overseas, you’ll need to add credits to your account to pay for the service. You can Buy Google Voice Credit to refill your account from many sites. However, in most cases, the charges are minimal and just a couple of cents per minute.
The pricing cost of a Google Voice number is variable according to the package you select. There are many Sites to Buy Google Voice account or numbers available. Many new and aged accounts have their benefits, and along with that, providers also provide custom services. Usually, the cost starts from 7 us dollars to 200 us dollars, as per the provider’s services.

Google Voice Accounts for Commercial Needs

Although Google Voice has been conveniently formatted for personal use since its inception, now the authorities have redesigned Google Voice for commercial use and released a new tie called Google Workspace. Below are some interesting features that users can enjoy in Gul Workspace.

Auto attendance and call transfer and blocking system

You can fix a menu system to direct callers to your organization’s correct people or departments. You can transfer your call to another number from your device. And if needed, you can block the unwanted callers so they can not communicate with you further.

Combination with Google Calendar and Google Meet

You can use Google Voice with other mobile apps of  Google. Google reveals a mobile app to use on your iPhone, iOS, or smartphone like other apps. For example, you can choose a call to forward directly to voicemail when your Google Calendar shows you’re out of your location.

Something More Benefits of using Google Voice Account Commercially

When your organization’s employees leave the job, their phone number stays with your company’s business account. Ring group facilities are one of the newest and outstanding features of Google Voice, available to only organizations in the beta program. Ring groups let members of your office answer calls from a single Google Voice phone number. Google Voice also transcribes your voicemails automatically.

There is also more for you in the Google Workshop of John Google Age of Commercial Use. You will get an ad-free Gmail account with your organization’s domain name, ownership of employee accounts, all-time phone, email, and chat support from the provider. You will also get unlimited Gmail and google drive storage and a mobile device management system, including advanced security and administrative controls. So buy Google Voice account online and use it commercially. Moreover, it will help you to develop your business better and create multiple options to save time.

How Do You Set Up Google Voice Account?

If you already buy Google Voice account online but do not know how to set up Google Voice. Let us show you the quite simple processing of setting up Google Voice for the first time. Go to via any recommended browser or download the mobile application, click the Get Google Voice button, and sign up for a free sign-up to your Google account. Google will show you the terms and conditions; after reading it, accept it to move forward.

Search a free number by your city or state name or area code and choose your suitable Google Voice Phone Number. After selecting the virtual number of your choice, complete the Google verification process with your real phone number. After finishing the verification process correctly, you will get a Google Voice number that you set on your computer or laptop, download the mobile app, and log in again to continue running your Google Voice.

Requirements for Using Google Voice Account

Thanks to the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system, the above exciting features can work. This advanced technology allows you to use a broadband internet connection to make calls instead of a phone line. When you place a call with your Google Voice account or number, it converts your natural voice into a digital signal that passes over the internet. You can place calls directly from a computer through a VoIP service like Google Voice.

Only an okay internet connection is needed to make phone calls through Google Voice account online. All you need to fix Google Voice is a valid Gmail and the U.S. or Canada phone number. That mobile or landline number is what Google uses to verify your identity and as the forwarding number. You can use Google Voice via Chrome OS, Apple Mac, Microsoft Windows, Android (the latest two versions), and Apple iOS (the latest two versions) as the supported operating system. Google Voice is mostly suited with the Chrome Browser, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox (Windows and Mac), and Safari.


Google Voice account online are on the rise these days more and more, and the reasons behind this are the benefits, multiple-use opportunities, and popularity that they are offering. According to information, around 27% of online users use Google Voice at present. As time goes on, online users are becoming more and more interested in buying Google Voice. Exciting features like handling many types of calls with a single number, being able to text, record, send and receive voicemail, keeping the address and personal phone number, and changing numbers are making Google Voice more popular with people. People with business needs can save their time using Google Workplace and handle everything smarter. So try your free Google number without delay or get a google voice number to create more chances to develop your business communication. Moreover, we will suggest you buy Google Voice account online without delay.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may or may not have used the Google Voice service or someone close to you. Seen using it, and now you want to buy and use it yourself. There are many small questions in your mind that you want to quickly answer in one word. Below are the best answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to the Google Voice account.

How Can I Buy Google Voice in Bulk?

You can buy Google Voice in Bulk and use it for any purpose. Many providers are ready to welcome you to Google Voice in Bulk. The bulk amount will be added to your account only if you select the package on your provider sites to Buy Bulk Google Voice Account and pay the principal through the specified payment gateway.

How Much Does Google Voice for Business Cost?

According to information, Google Voice Starter charges 10 USD per license, Google Voice Standard charges 20 USD per license, and Google Voice Premium charges 30 USD per license.

Can You Trace a Google Voice Account?

Google Voice numbers are not directly linked to the phonebook or the original address, so it is very difficult or impossible to trace them. However, suppose the law enforcement agencies approach Google for any particular reason. In that case, the Google authorities provide them with the actual phone number and address of the specific caller ID user.

Is Google Voice Really Free?

Google Voice is really free inside of the United States and Canada. And as per some conditions, it’s now accessible in the other 13 countries with likely features. Creating an account and getting a free google number is totally free of cost in the U.S and Canada.

Can You Get a Google Voice Account Number on the Specific Area Code?

Yes, many service providers are ready to serve you the Google voice numbers that are fixed areas specific. You need to give the area code to your providers when you buy Google Voice account online.


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