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You may or may not have used the Google Voice service or someone close to you. Seen using it, and now you want to buy and use it yourself. There are many small questions in your mind that you want to quickly answer in one word. Below are the best answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to the Google Voice account.

How Can I Buy Google Voice in Bulk?

You can buy Google Voice in Bulk and use it for any purpose. Many providers are ready to welcome you to Google Voice in Bulk. The bulk amount will be added to your account only if you select the package on your provider sites to Buy a Bulk Google Voice Account and pay the principal through the specified payment gateway.

How Much Does Google Voice for Business Cost?

According to information, Google Voice Starter charges 10 USD per license, Google Voice Standard charges 20 USD per license, and Google Voice Premium charges 30 USD per license.

Can You Trace a Google Voice Account?

Google Voice numbers are not directly linked to the phonebook or the original address, so it is very difficult or impossible to trace them. However, suppose the law enforcement agencies approach Google for any particular reason. In that case, the Google authorities provide them with the actual phone number and address of the specific caller ID user.

Is Google Voice Really Free?

Google Voice is really free inside of the United States and Canada. And as per some conditions, it’s now accessible in the other 13 countries with likely features. Creating an account and getting a free google number is totally free of cost in the U.S and Canada.

Can You Get a Google Voice Account Number on the Specific Area Code?

Yes, many service providers are ready to serve you the Google voice numbers that are fixed areas specific. You need to give the area code to your providers when you Buy a Google Voice Number.


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